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I noticed my K2000 VMware RSAs have the option "Expose hardware assisted virtualization to guest OS" unchecked in ESXi 6.5, in the CPU settings of the virtual machine.
Would it help my performance if I enable it?
Shouldn't that option be enabled by default?

Answer Summary:
the ESXi option "Expose hardware assisted virtualization to guest OS" is only used for nested virtualization (virtualized virtualization) So it is not nessesary to enable it for the appliances. It needs only enabled on the VM which host the nested virtualization.
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The first and foremost question is:
Does your HARDWARE support it?
If yes, it may be helpful but I doubt it since it is made for nested environments (where you virtualize inside a virtualization environment)
If not, you better have a backup, just in case.

Answered 12/28/2018 by: Nico_K
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  • Thanks for the reply. Yes, all my hardware supports hardware virtualization. I believe you can't even install ESXi if your processor does not support virtualization.
    • you can, but the "Expose hardware assisted virtualization to guest OS" needs a bit more than just a virtualization capable (vt-x) processor.
      (if I remember correctly it was vt-c, SR-IOV and VMDQ, which was introduced a few years later with Nehalem or Westmere)

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Nico_K is right. It seems that option is for nested virtualization, which we are not doing, so the option should be left unchecked.
Answered 12/28/2018 by: flip1001
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