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Really stuck deploying Adobe CC to restricted users

07/19/2016 2669 views

Hi All,

I was wondering if anybody have had a chance to package Adobe Creative Cloud and apps for users.

Our software team has purchased a limited number of licences for ACC and Acrobat DC, falling into the Teams licence type and not the Enterprise.  These are the problems I am running across-

To package the whole suite is 21.7Gb in size, and to have that download and install on slow regional areas would take more than a day of holding the network up.  The SCCM cache is only 20Gb in size, minus the permanent packages, that brings it down to about 18.5Gb on most machines.

I could package just the Creative Cloud Launcher and have the users install what they want from the Launcher, but that runs into the UAC, as users have limited rights on most of the hard drive and HKCR/LM.  I tried to hack a VM to give greater rights to reg keys and dir locations, but quickly ran into windows system32 directory, where I am not allowed to modify rights.  Adobe says if the users don’t have admin rights, untick the apps and updates option in the packaging tool.

I could package 24 individual applications, but that then doubles up on some packages like 500Mb for the launcher in every package and other things like Raw Camera plugin found in both Bridge and Photoshop, just to name two I have found.

Another issue, I can’t get ACC to install outside of the default install location, even though the Creative Cloud Packager has the option and the command ADOBEINSTALLDIR should allow this also?

Our security department would also like to disable the cloud storage option for all the CC/DC and eLearning products.

Adobe does not supply an ADMX for flicking switches on their CC products, that I have found.

I am not sure what to do from here.  I have spent a good number of hours working on these solutions and several hours of meetings/phone calls with various parts of my organisation discussing these issues.

How did other people cover these issues?

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi All,
    I have found out there is a new version of the Creative Cloud Launcher coming to the Creative Cloud Packager (should be next week), where as a packager, I only need to package the launcher, the user clicks on install inside the launcher for an Adobe application, that install will then run elevated. This fixes all the issues I have with Creative Could.
    Just need a fix for Captivate 9 now. I made a few suggestions to help with this, not requiring too much modification, if at all.
    Enjoy your weekend everybody

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I feel your pain and good luck!

I recommended breaking it down into packs -  like Web Design, Video Editing, blah blah - you get what I mean.

I'm not sure how your licence type works, but I know in the Enterprise licence, if you have trouble with activations you can run a serilization tool afterwards to activate it.

When you installing from SCCM, use the MSI and NOT the setup.exe, we found that the setup.exe was a bit so-so at installing all the components. If you use the setup.exe, make sure you count the Program & Features registry entries! We found the MSI install was stable and always install all (in our case) 28 bits of software. The problem are having is that Acrobat doesn't install with the MSI only with the setup.exe (see link below). We tried to add it later but the AAM kept poppin up when Acrobat was launched - this was due to the licence issue. I need to run the serialization tool over Acrobat to see if it fixes it.


Answered 07/20/2016 by: rileyz
Red Belt

  • Thanks Rileyz, we already had discussed breaking it down into packs, but it then involves our software team to sort out a questionare to find out what people/teams would use. I just suggested breaking it down into the old CS6 packs like Design and Web Standard, etc, and people can then install the suites they might already know. I will have a read of the link you posted later, right now I have to app-v Captivate 9 again, because of the default locations to the users documents directory and the bad binary objects.cpo that can't be edited.
    Marvin might have said "I have a pain in my (diodes) Adobe"
    I have to get back to being Marvin again for another 8 hours :( - wheel around the weekend, I have my knife and fork ready

I agree with Reilyz. I have created packages for Robohelp 2015 and Captivate 9 recently. If you have the enterprise License that is the best you can do. you can do the customization using the Creative cloud packager and have the package created with the Creative cloud account disabled. When you enter the license info the packager would grab just the files and the updates that are required and leave all the garbage out like the eLearning stuff and all that. It was a ez pz one. Splitting up all the packages does it very easy for you. 
Answered 07/22/2016 by: Sidhugadu
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  • Thanks Sidhugadu, we didn't get an enterprise licence, as our software team only bought for a few early adopters as the cost is quite high for more licences. They did not know they had to buy a set amount first to get that level. From your explaination, it does sound easy, but I don't have the luxury of a serial licence, only named.
    App-v didn't work for Captivate, it only gave me un-docked menus I couldn't redock.
    Our software team has organised for Adobe to come on site to help out with training or whatever. Not sure how far they can help with our situation. I have put Adobe to one side until then.
    Thanks guys for your help. I will see if I can post more information later nach Adobe has been
    Seems I have found my signature while I am working on the Adobe headache
    Wheel around the weekend, I have my knife and fork ready.
    • Tempril,

      That should work even though it is a single license. The license that i got has has 2 users to it. And to your second question are you launching the application once you sequence it. I would say not to launch it and compile the package as it is. There might be a better chance with that most of the time.
      • The reason I had to virtualise Captivate and launch during sequencing I need to change the default location the preferences point to. They point to a redirected location, so users documents points to \\server\shared\personal\folder. I brought this up with Adobe during my time hacking Captivate CS6, they have to provide ways of modifying the installation for things like this. They are still using the object.cpo file for all the user preferences. The MSI is not TRANSFORMable for this kind of thing, from what I have read.
      • Tempril,

        Can't you make the modifications when you are editing the registries when you are modifying it pointing to the location that you want to. And you might even want to specify the absolute path.
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      • Thanks for help out where you can Sidhugadu, but there is no registry entries for these settings. I am seeing someone from Adobe this week hopefully.
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