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During some recent experimentation (http://www.itninja.com/question/sql-to-switch-user-ids-part-2) to deal with duplicate user accounts by swapping user IDs, I created an SQL script that changed the ID number in the USER table to 999999999 as a placeholder (i.e. swapping 1111 and 2222: 1111 -> 999999999, 2222 -> 1111, 999999999 -> 2222). This seems to have reset the count somehow, as my import this morning started with ID number 1000000000. Is there a way to set it back to the previous high (in this case, 8200)?

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  • You may want to have support set up a tether and take a look. They should be able to help.
  • While it is possible with an ALTER TABLE command, I would also suggest contacting support.

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