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Hi everyone,

Since this is my first post on the forums, I would like to introduice myself a little bit: I graduated 3 years ago and really was into server management. I worked 1,5y with an SMB company and really learned a lot. Afterwards I switched jobs since I wanted to work in a big corporate environment to do server management. After switching jobs, I was placed with a customer to do some Configuration Support which was focussed on desktops.. Firstly I didn't like it, but thanks to my team I really got to see the fun side of desktops and that it's really a skill to administer them. Now I want to become an SCCM-Administrator who can also distribute applications which he has packaged. So really an allround desktop administrator. I got the change to become a packager under a collegue who is really skilled and from whom I can learn a lot. He has taken me into the wonderfull world of scripting and MSI. :) So since 2 weeks ago I started to create packages. Mostly VBS-scripting and not MSI focussed.

I am writing this post since I am having problems with installing Sybase (http://infocenter.sybase.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.sybase.infocenter.dc32236.1550/html/rsinstall_win/rsinstall_win48.htm) It's a database platform which is needed for another application. In the MSI of the application, I can see it's a custom action which calls the .exe with some arguments to install the sybase database. Afterwards a CMD box pops up with the description "silent installation" which displays the status of the installation. In UAT, we tested this through SCCM, but the DOS box still appears.

I tried calling the .exe with the command line arguments with a vbscript which launches this in the background with "WshShell.Run (sCommand,0,False)" and this worked perfectly. The setup was installing silently without a dos box. I changed the custom action in the MSI to run this script, but still a CMD box is visible. I also tried running cmd /min to minimize the DOS box, but it won't run minimized.

I really have no idea anymore what can be done to not show this dos box.

Do you maybe have any ideas?


Thanks in advance!


Kind regards


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I just resolved it myself: I didn't select the feature which caused the CMD to run, so during the normal MSI setup with MST, this wasn't installed.

After the installation of the MSI, I launch the VBS I created myself (which can launch this CMD silently) + some other customactions which the MSI didn't run since I haven't selected this feature.

Since we use vbscript to install the MSI with the transform, it's still a clean method. When only using an MSI, I don't have the solution.. If some else has the answer, don't hesitate the reply to the question :)

Answered 05/31/2014 by: Silencer001
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