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I'd like to create a ticket rule that if Custom_20 is not null that it adds 15 minutes to work adjustment.

Reason being, we've a daily ticket that we carry out and want to simplify adding work done to it.

Got his far:

update HD_TICKET



        (HD_TICKET.ID in (<TICKET_IDS>))

update ORG1.HD_WORK

    set HD_WORK.MODIFIED='.25'

Any ideas anyone?

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  • Firstly you need to make sure that you custom field contains a value, I'm not sure but from a few releases back setting a default value of '0' seemed to fail. We used this mechanism as a switch field regularly before KACE "Broke" it, so I would suggest a default value of 1 rather than 0. Also your update surely needs to be set as a sum so that it adds time to the work completed, or is it just a default value that you want to set to assume that there is work done?

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