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Trying to Sysprep an image for Windows 10 Pro x64 1709.
Run the installer for version v4.1.1.0 (downloaded installer multiple times on different days and different machines), the installer installs fine then I am left with 'sysprep_creator_x64' along with the 'sysprep_creator_ReadMe.txt'. 
Run the Creator as admin, then prompted with the screen to select OS - Architecture - Completion Action. Selected Win10 - 64-bit - and Create unattend and executor along with delete sysprep after. (Have also tried just creating the unattend with no delete and all combos in between).
Then I click 'Next' and I am given an error straight away (cant upload photos so trying my best hopefully it makes sense)
Autilt Error
Line 20309 (file "C:\Users\ME\Desktop\sysprep_creator_x64.exe"):

Error: Variable subscript badly formatted.

If anyone has seen this before or knows how to resolve this, your input would be greatly appreciated.

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  • AutoIT makes AV panic.

    try to download the sysprep tool from a Vanilla windows (no AV and not joined to a domain).

    Also make sure the image you are trying to run does not have any AV running
  • Removed all AV prior to this. Was having issues with my old sysprep.exe (v3.7.2.1) where it would fail because it would constantly see windows defender (WD) as active no matter how much I have locked it down. That's why I was hoping the fix would be in the new v4.1.1.0 where the sysprep should be disabling WD in the exe. I have also tested reverting the WD settings and having it all enabled then running sysprep v4.1.1.0 but still getting the same error. All my images have been vanilla windows and never on a domain.
    • I just re-downloaded the the, and ran it fine against a Win10 1703 Pro and a Win10 1709 Enterprise.

      There is something on that Image preventing Sysprep Creator from running fine.

      I would re download it again, yes, that Windows Defender can be a pain to shut down.

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