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I have an msi, say version 1.0.0, it has around 10 files. It installs fine and works as expected. Now, I have a requirement to add 2 additional files in it. I create an mst and add the new files, change the version to say 2.0.0 and include the upgrade logic in the upgrade table. However, when I install the mst, it only installs 2 new files, all the other remaining 10 files from msi is missing after the installation. What might be the reason? Please help.
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  • Hi, Does the mst just contain the 2 extra files? Are you adding the new mst onto the original msi?

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Using a transform is the wrong way to upgrade a product.

Build a new MSI which includes all the required files. Be sure to populate the Upgrade table.

Answered 03/07/2017 by: VBScab
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  • what if, it's a small update or if we want to add 2 extra files to the package, during that scenario, after the installation i get only 2 files instead of 12 files. Is this related to REINSTALLMODE property?

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I was thinking, why do you have an MST?

I think I know what you have done. "....updated the MSI using an MST adding the two files, then put in the upgade logic."

So your new MSI & MST, has upgrade logic, probably to REMOVE the Previous version, then install MSI & MST (with just the two files)

Do this in an MSI. Add the new files, remember to change the Component Guids, then create a higer version in the product table, then to the upgrade logic.

Answered 03/15/2017 by: Badger
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