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I am creating a Quick Patch but getting validation error 0015 which says there are entries in some tables which will not enable to create a uninstallable patch. On installing the update.exe i see there is no uninstall tab in ARP. I found that this is happening because of random create folder entry getting created and the directory\component pair for which it is creating the entry an entry is already present . The directory for which this entry is getting created is dynamically added.
Issue gets solved if the new create folder entry is removed but causes other issues and if entry is not removed uninstall tab is missing.

Is there a way this new entry getting created can be avoided as I already have entry for the same pair. Is this due to dynamic linking of files ?
I just need patch to be uninstallable patch.

Thanks in advance
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  • What tools are you using? What target operating system?
  • Using Installshied 2012 Spring and target OS is Windows Server 2008 R2
  • are you putting down a component without a keypath??

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