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I have an MSP file that if you double click on it and follow the prompts it runs great.  but if I try and install it via Command line I get the "package could not be opened error"  I have tried using msiexec /p and misexec /update to no avail.

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  • What was the complete command line you tried using? Add a verbose log file so you can review the information.
  • Sorry for the delayed response, I was out of town. Here is the command I am running: msiexec /p BbRevu2018x64_Update2.msp REINSTALLMODE=omus REINSTALL=ALL BB_SERIALNUMBER=XXX BB_PRODUCTKEY=XXX BB_EDITION=2 /qn

    Again if I run this it fails on the same computer that works if I just double click. I noticed that worzie mentioned having the full path to the MSP file. I didn't think I needed it but I didn't try it either. My goal is for this to be deployed via SCCM so full path is not really an option if I still want SCCM to deploy this.

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msiexec /p <full path to msp required> or with package installation: msiexec /i msi patch=<full path to msp> (could try with /a for administrative as well; I've never had to).

Most patches have requirements too, such that a certain version needs to already exist.  So be sure to run the msp like you mentioned on a target PC where the cmd line is failing to verify that.
Answered 10/02/2018 by: worzie
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