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We are having an issue where Windows 10 PCs that are running scripted installs from the K2000 have the wrong time once the OS is installed and it prevents post-installation tasks from running successfully. Out of the box the time is usually just the wrong AM or PM and it's not being corrected once the Windows 10 OS install is complete. I've also set the NTP server (option 042 in DHCP) to our primary Domain Controller, but that doesn't seem to fix the issue.

We're using the Windows 10 x64 v1607 ISO from Microsoft as our Source Media if that matters.

Is anyone else running into this issue?
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  • I've found that if the PC is not on the domain, you can sync time with NTP to the IP address of the K1000, assuming you have a K1000.

    I have in my first post install task the command:
    net time \\IP-of-K1000 /set /y

    You can also try it in a preinstall task if you want, it should work there too.

    Once the PC joins the domain, it will automatically time sync with the DC.

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