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Windows 7. Cannot find\copy unattend.xml

08/15/2018 373 views
Hi All
Since a few day our windows7 installation dosent work anymore. We receive the message:
The funny Thing is that we didn't change anything. We also uploaded a new version but without luck. Same error message.
Alos a reboot of the SDA didn't solve the Problem.

Where can we find logs? Maybe we see some error.
Or have anybody an idea what the Problem can be?
If you Need more information please let me know.

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  • Please specify Where are you getting the error?

    After the first reboot?
    Or before applying the Image? Or maybe this is a Script Installation...?
  • hi

    we receive the error after appliying the image ( system images installtion ).
    • maybe it is corrupted now, Could you re-capture\re-upload another Win7 Image and try?

      This is to discard a deployment engine issue... or maybe it is related to that source image.

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