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As the title says I have an installer (located here) that's based on Wise and the /S switch isn't 'working' in that it doesn't actually make it a silent installation.  Instead, it presents a different UI than if it were run manually and the user is still forced to make selections to install the application.

  • uninstalls are silent via /S /A
  • extractions are silent via /S /X path\to\extract

Is there anything that can be done on my end to alter this behavior short of trying to coerce the vendor to 'do the right thing'?
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Re-package it. You'll spend more time faffing about with trying to make it work than it's worth.
Answered 04/09/2018 by: VBScab
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  • +5 for using 'faffing' correctly

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Try opening the EXE with 7-Zip - if the vendor chose the "Zip compatible" option in the Wise compiler then the original source file will also be in there. You can then edit and recompile to make it a silent install. If the vendor cannot be asked to produce a truly silent install for you, then as VBScab has already pointed out, don't waste any more time on this and create a capture of the install.
Answered 04/10/2018 by: EdT
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