The ITNinja Software Library

The ITNinja Software Library is a community maintained database of all software for the sharing of tips such as deployment notes, command lines and configuration options.

About the ITNinja Software Tips Library

The ITNinja Software Library began as a merge of two popular AppDeploy.com resources: the AppDeploy Package KB (containing deployment tips) and the AppDeploy Software KB (containing raw inventory data based on data collected from Add/Remove Programs). It is the intention of the Software Library to serve as place for IT Professionals to share tips, submit links, write articles/blogs, and ask questions about software covering anything of interest to systems administrators. By specifying related software when asking a question or when posting a blog or link, such content becomes connected and more easily located here in the Software Library.

Note: Many of the entries in the Software Library were generated from raw inventory data which may result in duplicate entries with minor variances or even inaccurate entries. As we continue to refine the database and establish methods for minimizing such issues, we recommend favoring those listings with the most tip and content references. Entries more popular (with more tips, followers, comments, etc.) are easier to find and so choosing an established entry will help to ensure your contributions are more easily located. If you do not see a company, software title or version for which you would like to contribute information please feel free to add it.