Has anyone else tried to add Software to the Deployment Tips Page?

It will seem a big confussing if you dont get all the steps right, so here are the steps I have to take... (if someone knows a faster way, please share)

  1. Browse to Share a Deployment Tip
  2. Click "Add Software" button
  3. Fill in Company, Title, Major & Minor version, then click "Add Tag" (this seems to be where it goes into the abyss but be patient)
  4. I've tried to go to Research, and do a Keyword search for the tag I just created (no luck)
  5. Then I tried to click on the letter for the software title, and even search the Companies tab (Companies Tab is not searchable BTW - Please fix this IT NINJA)
  6. So, this is the best way I have found to get to the tags you just created... right below the alphabet, there are a few options you can check, remove all checks and just have "That I Follow" checked, then click "Update List"

So this should show you all of the software Tags that you have added, as well as all of the Software that you have chosen to follow. Once you click on one of your Tags, and add a Tip, it should then show up in the list of Deployment Tips, now you can use the search option.