I have a blog about storing wims externally with the 3.4 kbox.


I have been reapplyed the patch 3.4 wim package to my 3.5 box and it worked fine till I informed Kace I was doing this.  Mysteriously now the capture wim button keeps disappearing from the imaging menu overnight every couple of days ever since I told the Kace Engineers about my by pass.  Well I got tired of having to reapply the .bin file so I found a new method. 

I found the easy solution for this.  If you installed the native imaging kits to your 3.4 box the .hta file to do the work is still there it just does not show on the imaging window.

If you want to use the external method:

Confirm the k2000 still has the needed file.  Go to \\ikbox\peinst\hta and see if you still have the file capture_wim.hta.

If that exists:

boot with your external net use mappings like in the old blog

from the main menu choose recovery and then choose command prompt

enter y:\hta\capture_wim.hta and the capture box will pop up.  Fill it in like you did in 3.4 and go for it.