Driver Feed Builder - version 3.0

This portable application tool will allow users to harvest drivers from the current workstation using Double Driver or by downloading drivers from vendor websites and extracting the executibles (when applicable).

The tool makes a WMI call on the workstation to get the model name of the workstation, and either harvests the drivers of the current workstation or extracts drivers from specified executibles and uploads them to your K2000 in the appropriate drivers_postinstall directory.  See the help file in the application for full instructions of usage.

This tool was created by employees of Quest | KACE, but is not officially supported.  If there are issues or bugs that exist, please use the comment section below for reporting these issues.

Scripting Ninjas responsible for this tool:
Kent Feid - concept creator, author of version 1
Corey A. Serrins and Patrick Warme - code additions for version 2


Download Driver Feed Builder version 3
*Quest Software Support credentials are required for download

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Release Notes


Release Date

Summary of changes











-rebranded to Quest
-if model or manufacturer is empty in WMI use temp values instead so feed doesn't fail (driver can then be placed manually)
-check for drvstr.cfg when looking for mapped drives
-if drvstr.cfg file cannot be found, download from service
-if drvstr.cfg was downloaded from service, there was probably an issue with mapping, so copy driver folder to script location to be sent to K2000 manually.
-added ability to save drivers locally instead of mapping to the K2000
-added additional debug logging

-added Windows 10 support

-minimum version is now 3.7.113224 to support drvstr.cfg file
-revamped UI to look like K2000

-added ability to use Driver Feed Builder as a portable app -moved settings to registry or to ini file if portable
-moved some gui objects to menu items
-changed password encryption to AES 256
-changed Lenovo to use friendly name from WMI -added model excepts for Venue 11, XPS 13, XPS 15 -removed periods and commas in model names. -updated documentation
-fixed defect when drivers_postinstall was already mapped
-set focus of gui to ip address to start
-Full logging can be invoked with the /debug commandline switch or pressing shift-alt-d hotkey -checks for updates automatically
-added an installer

-added progress bar for harvesting drivers

-added ability to remember the K2000 IP address and password
-added the ability to harvest drivers using Double Driver
-modified UI so that user chose between harvesting and extracting and added disabling controls depending on option
-added error checking for mapping network drive.
-version 3.6 ready



-added in 3.5 support



-fixed missing logo on exit screen
-change folder name to match name of driver.exe
-added in help option



-initial GA release