K2000 v3.6 now includes a multicast feature for image deployment. 

There are a few things you need to be aware of in order to multicast an image.  V3.6 can only multicast wim files.  You can only have 1 partition because its only going to multicast the first wim.  The image appears to have to be deployed to the same drive letter it was captured from.  You can only multicast from the K2000 itself, RSA does not have multicast support. Multicast has a builtin throttle with a maximum limit of 8MB/s which in my opinion is to low.  That means if you have 1Gb to the desktop and you want to multicast, your going to be throttled way way down. Just as an example, I multicasted a small image.  Kace unicast to 1 PC over 1Gb took 12 and a half minutes.  Kace multicast to 1 PC over 1Gb with max throttle took an hour and 12 minutes.  I have not been able to test multicasting a large image yet but I know Kace unicast to 1 PC over 1Gb with a large image took me 2 and a half hours.  With the 8MB/s throtle, I expect that to be 20+ hours which is rediculous.

I saved the biggest thing for last which is that it uses PGM protocol for multicasting which may or may not be supported on your network equipment.  We have multicasted with Ghost for more than a decade (it uses IGMP) but our core Cisco switch doesnt support PGM.  That basically means we cant multicast between buildings.  Since RSA does not have the multicast feature, the only building we can muticast in is the building the K2000 is physically in which is not helpfull to us at all.  I can only hope they include it in RSA, otherwise I dont know if we can ever use this feature in production.