*The latest version is currently PACE Suite 4.3: http://www.itninja.com/blog/view/the-launch-of-pace-suite-4-3-the-fastest-tool-for-creating-msi-packages 

Dear ITNinja community,

The latest version of PACE Suite  is now available at http://pacesuite.com/download/
PACE Suite provides a full set of features for repackaging, tailoring and authoring installations in MSI and App-V format. It has become an effective replacement of bulky tools and studios, for both IT solution providers and internal enterprise use.

PACE Suite 3.4.2 release notes


The 3.4.2 release removes the huge amount of reported bugs related to Tables tab in MSI Editor, and some other problems reported by our users. It also brings usability and appearance improvements.

What’s new: MSI Editor 3.4.2

New features

  • Formula bar for experts
    New feature of the Tables tab – resizable Formula bar providing better experience of viewing and smart editing multi-line or very long values stored in MSI tables.


  • Improved On-the-fly validation
    MSI Editor instantly detects common and ICE validation errors.


  • Improved Intelli-sense
    The feature helps to populate formatted strings in MSI database easily and without errors.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed crashes on adding new tables for schema 500, on undoing many operations from history list, and on other common operations.
  • Fixed wrong conversion of some imported registry values.
  • Fixed a number of issues related to ICE validation.
  • Fixed a number of issues related to selecting and highlighting cells, rows and tables on Tables tab.
  • Fixed incorrect work of some hotkeys on Tables tab.
  • Now only supported symbols can be used in a name of new directory on Files tab. Unsupported chars could previously cause failures during MSI installation.
  • Fixed issues related to keyboard navigation on the Tables tab and New Row window.
  • Fixed many minor UI-related and functional issues


What’s new: MSI Generator 3.4.2

Bug fixes

  • Fixed wrong processing of special symbols (& “ ‘ | etc) in captured registry or other values.


Release notes of the previous versions