Software Metering

Phases of software metering

Using Adobe Reader X (10.1.0) as an example


  1. Install the software on a machine
  2. Run the process on a machine and force an inventory checkin on that machine (Acrord32.exe)
  3. Check that the service has now appeared in the Software>Running Process section


  1. Click on Inventory>Software
  2. On the right select Create Smart label
  3. Select Display Name (Title) = Adobe Reader X and Version Number = 10.1.0
  4. Click on test smart label and you should end up with one result.


  1. Enter the Choose Label name AdobeReaderX(10.1.0) and click Create Smart label
  2. Go to Asset
  3. Click on action menu>Add new>Software
  4. Enter the name Adobe Reader X (10.1.0) and for software select Adobe Reader X (10.1.0)
  5. Select Software Label Adobe ReaderX(10.1.0)



  1. Click on Action menu>Add New>License
  2. For name Type Adobe Reader X (10.1.0), Enter your license count.
  3. Select the Adobe Reader X (10.1.0) as applies to software and select the machines you want to approve it for.
  4. Select the Asset>Metering tab and click the Choose Action and select Configure Settings. (You only need to do this once unless you have machines that you want to add metering to)
  5. Enable the software metering select schedule or Run after Machine inventory.  Select the machines or labels that you want metering to occur on and select your operating system.


  1. Choose Action and select Add new item
  2. Check Enabled and select the process to name to monitor in the filter (in this case acrord32.exe)
  3. Associated Software asset is Adobe Reader X (10.1.0) and select Save.
  4. Note this will now take an hour to report the usage of this application. You can open acrobat reader on that PC and it will tell you for how long the application is left open.
  5. To see your result go to Asset>Metering>acrord32.exe and at the bottom there are minutes used.