CubMakr enables us to generate custom .cub validation files via our web application, without the need for scripting knowledge or cub file creation knowledge. 

We should use it to improve the standard of the MSI packages which we deliver to clients.  It can be used to check for the existence of certain values (For example Properties, Registry, Custom Actions.....anything else), check that values don't exist (For example hard-coded paths, machine names etc) and also to check that values are of the correct format (For example ProductVersion is of the form etc).

To search for entries to validate, we can use multiple string comparison types such as:

  • Starts
  • Ends
  • Contains
  • Equals
  • Regular Expression

Find out more about what it does in the introduction here:

Find the tool here:

Find some detection examples here to get you started:

At the moment, it enables us to add multiple validation rules and generate a cub file FOR THE CURRENT BROWSER SESSION only.  Ultimately, I would like to save each cub file so that they can be re-loaded and amended (or re-generated) at a later date.  Or even duplicated and tweaked for a newly acquired client!  But we'll only implement this if people find the tool useful, and this will be based on the feedback we receive over at our blog or here on ITNinja.

Comments/Bug Reports/Feedback always welcome (good or...(cough) bad).