Windows 11 - Bypass requirements to install it on any VM or Hardware

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share with you how to skip the requirements for a Windows 11 installation in your environment.

I tried to install it in one of my VMs but the VM did not match all requirements that are needed for Windows 11. (Requirements can be found here: Windows 11 Specs and System Requirements | Microsoft)

That is why I created a pre-installation task within my SDA to bypass all requirements for Windows 11.

It is a simple batch script that you can download here:

Kace Systems Deployment Appliance Community (itninja.com)

Right after you have successfully imported the task you can simply add it to your installation.


WARNING: But be careful with circumventing the requirements, as Microsoft reserves the right to suspend security updates for systems in the future if they do not meet all the requirements for Windows 11.

You can find further information in the links below:

Ways to install Windows 11 (microsoft.com)

Installing Windows 11 on devices that don't meet minimum system requirements (microsoft.com)




  • Great stuff. Implemented it already! - Timokirch 2 years ago
  • Thx for sharing Sven ! What is the content of the pre-install task "Create BIOS/UEFI Partitions MODIFIED WIN11" ? If we use the same partitioning-pre-install task of Windows 10 (diskpart : 500mb system, 128mb msr, rest of disk primary partition), the setup of W11 gives an error : "Windows could not format a partition on disk 0. The target disk, partition, or volume does not support the specified operation. The error occured while preparing the partition selected for installation. Error code : 0x80300024." I could not find anything in the quest-knowledge base articles... - toj 2 years ago
    • Hey Toj,

      you need to remove the line:

      ECHO Create partition msr size=128

      So that the diskpart script is only creating partition S and C. Then it should deploy Windows 11 via SDA :)


      Sven - sven.hain 2 years ago
      • I got it working with a modified unattend-file : In the parameter InstallTo I defined a fixed DiskID (0) and PartitionID (3).

        I reverted it to the original config because your solution is a cleaner one, thx Sven ! - toj 2 years ago
  • Thanks Sven!
    Greate Work. Thats a perfect way to install Win11 via SDA.

    Toby - Xasda 2 years ago
  • Where is the altered Partition script? - briggsa 2 years ago
    • Hi Briggsa,

      I am very sorry for the late response.

      You should have a task in your pre installation tasks within the SDA that is named "[DISK] Create BIOS/UEFI Partitions". You can duplicate this task and then delete the following line:

      ECHO Create partition msr size=128

      After that you should be able to run the SI.

      Best regards

      Sven - sven.hain 2 years ago
  • Very helpful Sven! Thank you.

    Was able to get your nice little batch file working and Windows seems to deploy. Get's all the way to the end and then fails at" Windows cannot find 'updateconfig.vbs' make sure you typed name correctly" KACE deployment then fails with Task ID: 136 Return code 1223. Unknown error. - kenrinc 2 years ago
    • hi Kenrinc,

      same here, I am so sorry for the late response.

      did you installed the latest SDA update to 8.2.158? Maybe that helps in that case. Otherwise please create a support ticket :)

      Best regards

      Sven - sven.hain 2 years ago
  • Can't get it to work. Comes up as "no tasks found," and reboots. - RD94 2 years ago
    • Hi,

      did you get it sorted or do you still have problems in applying this task?

      Best regards

      Sven - sven.hain 2 years ago
  • Didn't work for us got an error
    Windows could not format a partition on disk 0. the target disk, partition or volume does not support the specified operation. the error occurred while preparing the partition selected for install error code 0x80300024 - binuani 2 years ago
    • Hi Binuani,

      you need to modify the existing diskpart script as I mention above in one of my comments. Then the error is fixed.

      If you still have problems, please let me know.

      Best regards

      Sven - sven.hain 2 years ago
      • I deleted the ECHO Create partition msr size=128 in script but when I captured the image I realize the HDD was detected as S: in kace client - julio.zapata 2 years ago
  • Bless you for these tips, Sven! I've added these with success to a SI, but I take it I will also need to add them to the image deploy. Is that correct?

    Be well! - Tiki - tkeyes 2 years ago
    • Hi,

      yes you are right. The registry keys are written into the registry of the KBE so for the SI and the image deploy you need to add that task :)

      Best regards

      Sven - sven.hain 2 years ago
  • Wanted to put it out there that a couple of registry keys and I got right past requirements like TPM 2.0 with 0 issues.

    https://www.techspot.com/news/91691-here-how-bypass-windows-11-tpm-cpu-requirements.html - Wede1993 2 years ago
    • Hi Wede,

      your link is very helpful but only covers the case if we want to upgrade an existing Windows 10 machine to Windows 11. These keys are not working during a deployment with the SDA :)

      Best regards

      Sven - sven.hain 2 years ago
  • Great Job, Sven! Helps early adopters - Timokirch 2 years ago
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