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Hi there!

I'm having an issue figuring out how to configure my CIR in K1000, because I need to use something that does not exists, mainly File(or Folder)NotExists, in conjuncture with FileExists.

Here's the situation: In our agency, we can have either Acrobat DC Pro as a standalone software, or installed as part of a package that contains other software (like InDesign). All of my packages contain InDesign, so I wanted to use this as a basis, to create a CIR that looked something like this:

FileExists(C:\ProgramData\regit.1986-12.com.adobe\regid.1986-12.com.adobe_V7{}CreativeCloudEnt-1.0-Win-GM-MUL) AND
FileNotExists(C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CC2015\InDesign.exe)

This way, I could have a fixed inventory of everyone who has only Acrobat DC Pro standalone, VS everyone who has any package containing Acrobat DC Pro. This would also serve as CIR so that the Standalone installation doesn't install over whatever package installation, and possibly ruin the serialization of the package. 

The issue I have is that well...negative conditional rules do not exist, only positive rules.

Is there a way I could be able to get this to work through CIR ?

Thanks in advance :)
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  • Have you tried these lines separately to make sure they work independently?
  • "FileNotExists" is not an actual CIR function I can use.
    If you read my post, I'm asking what can I do that would do something similar as "FileNotExists" would do IF it existed.
  • Instead of CIR, why not use 2 smart labels?

    1st smart label
    Software Title contains Acrobat DC Pro AND
    Software Title does not contain InDesign

    2nd smart label
    Software Title contains Acrobat DC Pro AND
    Software Title contains InDesign?

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