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Scripted install from OS media

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Our organization is moving from SCCM to Dell Kace.  I'm trying to deploy Windows 7 as a scripted installation.  I've spent all morning reading the articles on here trying to figure out what I'm missing....  When I select the scripted installation, all seems to be working as planned.  KBE boots up fine, I select my scripted instalation from the list, Diskpart does its thing, and it goes to a Windows "starting" screen.  Then the system reboots and there is nothing on the HDD, resulting in the "BootMGR Missing" message.


I've tried re-uploading other Windows 7 media, not the ISO but the actual files.

I've driver harvested and recached and recreated the KBE

I'm not using an answer file (Just to test installation)

Preinstall tasks are:

  • Create Single Partition
  • Format C: as NTFS
  • Install Vista/2008/7/8/2012 MBR

No Post install tasks.


Answer Summary:
Edited answer file to a supported configuration
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Check include debug output in log and post the log.  You can find the log by hovering over the deployment, you will see an image_id, the log will be called that number.log (###.log) in the petemp directory on the kbox. 


Answered 04/15/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • There is no check box for that on a scripted installation that I can find
    • u r right I was looking at a deployment, almost sounds like a driver issue.

      things to check

      If you use the same disk as you used to upload the source files does it do an install?

      boot up with PXE and go to recovery and open a command window. From there you can manually run diskpart and list the devices and partitions. This will check to see if your pe enviroment has the right drivers.

      If you set or changed the share password you have to create new kbe boots the password is complied in those to access the install files on the server.
      • diskpart works fine in the KBE, even reformatted the drive to test.

        I'm using OEM installation media from Microsoft. Uploaded the files directly from it. It works if I simply use the ISO for an install.

        Haven't changed any passwords for the share...

        Is there any accessible log file for scripted installation? If not, there should be.
  • It may be due to that you are using OEM media.
    • Sorry, I didn't mean OEM Media, I meant media directly from Microsoft
  • Any other suggestions?
  • Yea, lets step thru the batch files to see what is broke.
    First hover over your scripted install and you will see in the bottom of the browser an boot image id. Using file explorer go to \\ikbox\peinst\scripts and get the scripted_install_ID#.bat and post that.
  • @echo off
    set Option=Prompt
    set GoToStep=1
    set OS=20
    echo Running Install Script for Test 2
    start /wait %windir%\system32\mshta.exe Y:\hta\rpc_start_scripted.hta 8

    if not '%1' equ '' set %1
    if not '%2' equ '' set %2
    if not '%3' equ '' set %3
    if not '%4' equ '' set %4
    if not '%5' equ '' set %5

    rem preinstallation tasks
    cscript Y:\hta\getkuid.vbs

    set GoToStep=2
    echo Executing diskpart /s create_single_partition.conf
    cd Y:\preinstall\1 && diskpart /s create_single_partition.conf

    if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto PreAbortContinue

    set GoToStep=3
    echo Executing call format_c_as_ntfs.bat
    cd Y:\preinstall\2 && call format_c_as_ntfs.bat

    if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto PreAbortContinue

    set GoToStep=4
    echo Executing call install_vista_2008_7_8_2012_mbr.bat
    cd Y:\preinstall\4 && call install_vista_2008_7_8_2012_mbr.bat

    if ERRORLEVEL 1 goto PreAbortContinue

    rem run windows setup
    Y:\source_cds\10\setup.exe /unattend:Y:\sifs\8.xml /m:Y:\oemfiles\8\$OEM$ /noreboot

    rem determine system drive
    for %%I in (Z W V U T S R Q P O N M L K J I H G F E D C) do (
    if exist %%I:\KACE set KACEPATH=%%I:

    rem Dump K1000 Inventory Data
    start /wait %windir%\system32\mshta.exe Y:\hta\rpc_dump_k1000_inventory.hta boot_image_id=8 %KACEPATH%\KACE\k2000_deployment_info.conf

    rem copy drivers

    REM Copying KUID and drivers

    cscript Y:\hta\copykuid.vbs
    cscript Y:\hta\copy_drivers.vbs

    if not '%OFFLINE_DIR%' equ '' (if exist T:\%OFFLINE_DIR% (rmdir /S /Q T:\%OFFLINE_DIR%))

    rem reboot

    cscript Y:\hta\kreboot.wsf

    exit 0

    if (%Option%) == (Yes) goto end
    if (%Option%) == (No) goto step%GoToStep%
    cscript /nologo //Job:PreInstallTaskFailOptions Y:\hta\prompt.wsf USER_SCAN_FAIL:%FAILEDUSERS%
    if NOT ERRORLEVEL 1 goto step%GoToStep%
    goto end

    if (%Option%) == (Yes) goto end
    if (%Option%) == (No) goto step%GoToStep%
    cscript /nologo //Job:PostInstallTaskFailOptions Y:\hta\prompt.wsf
    if NOT ERRORLEVEL 1 goto step%GoToStep%
    goto end

    if (%Option%) == (Yes) goto end
    if (%Option%) == (No) goto step%GoToStep%
    cscript /nologo //Job:PreInstallTaskFailOptions Y:\hta\prompt.wsf USER_SCAN_FROM_RSA
    if NOT ERRORLEVEL 1 goto step%GoToStep%
    goto end

    exit 6
  • great. lets check the source folder and xml file you are calling in step 4
    I want to see if all the things you are calling are there
    sub \\ikbox for y:
    I posted my source folders in a new answer cannot add pics to comments

    see what this file is, you are calling it as the answer file.

    make sure this folder exists
  • If all this looks good lets boot into pxe kace menu and open a command prompt and then go to y:\source_cds\10 and run the setup.exe
    • we will want to test without the unattended file call and if that works with the xml file being called to see what happens
    • Ran setup from command line and all went perfectly well.
      • did you run setup with the entire line?

        Y:\source_cds\10\setup.exe /unattend:Y:\sifs\8.xml /m:Y:\oemfiles\8\$OEM$ /noreboot

        If that line works we want to progress to the next step to see if maybe a driver file is getting stepped on by running

        cscript Y:\hta\copy_drivers.vbs
        cscript Y:\hta\kreboot.wsf
      • Ran the setup with the entire line this time, and it did the same thing that it has been on previous attempts. It get's to "Setup is starting" and then dies after a few minutes. Must be the answer file?
  • All of those files do exist in their respective directories. The 8.xml file is an answer file created with the scripted installation wizard.
    • does it look okay, if so lets try my above comment and manually run the setup
  • that would be my guess then, could be something bad in the oem files also but I would lean towards a bad entry in the answer file. You can view it in the deployment and cut and paste it out. I Tried to copy the file from the server to notepad but it ran it together all on one line for me.
    • you can also try
      Y:\source_cds\10\setup.exe /m:Y:\oemfiles\8\$OEM$ /noreboot
  • any progress?

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This is my 32 bit the 64 is a little larger

Answered 04/18/2013 by: SMal.tmcc
Red Belt

  • Mine is 64-bit and is 3.10 GB, it does open to a windows install disk. Trying to run that from command prompt in KBE now
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