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I recently upgraded my K1000 server to version 10.0.290 to resolve an issue related to the KACE agents not connecting to the server on new installs ofWindows 10 feature update 1903 . Since then, I've had problems with KACE not attempting to patch unless the agent on the end clients is version 10.0.113. After working to upgrade my network so that everyone will be using 10.0.113, I am still frequently seeing devices fail to patch and give the error status "Error (agent disconnected". Does anyone know what this error means and what can be done to keep it from happening when I am trying to patch my network?

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  • We have been having this exact same issue since the update to 10.0.290. My own computer is completely unable to receive any patches or scripts or managed installs even though it is clearly checking in to the SMA. Any time I try to run a patch schedule on my computer (I'm using mine as a guinea pig, but this is happening on hundreds of other devices as well) it inevitably fails with the "Error (agent disconnected)" status. So far I have not found anything useful in the logs, but I will update here if that changes.

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these are the typical issues when an agent does not reach the appliance.
This can be: 
- shut down the client
- change the network (from cabled to WLAN or WWAN)
- overused connections (switches etc)

Go into one system which has this issue and review the agent logs and the system logs what happened.

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