Two years ago I wrote the article How to monitor the hard disk space on K1000 & K2000 . At that time the Agentless Inventory and Asset Subtypes features were not there yet so it was necessary to use some 3rd party software to query the SNMP of the appliances and get the hrStorage values.
In this new video I want to show you how to take advantage of the new features introduced with the K1000 version 6.4 that eliminate completely the need to use external tools.

The basic idea I will show you in the video is the following:
  1. Create an asset subtype for the Device asset type with some additional fields representing the disk space used by the appliance volumes.
  2. Create a SNMP Inventory Configuration specific for the K1000.
  3. Enable SNMP in the appliance settings.
  4. Add the appliance as an Agentless device.
  5. Apply to it the SNMP Configuration and the Asset Subtype create in the previous steps.
In the video I go through the procedure to monitor the K1000 but with some small adjustment you can create a specific Asset Subtype and SNMP Configuration for the K2000 as well.