Problem:  The agent executable is needed for another function, like a Windows GPO install.

Solution:  Download the agent from the K1000 directly, or download it from the KACE support site.

NOTE: This assumes the K1000 has had the version needed uploaded previously. It also assumes that the Samba share is enabled to download the agent from the K1000 directly.  Also, the KACE support site does not list the latest agent version, so if that is needed, the K1000 would need to be updated if it does not have the most recent version.


How to download the agent from the K1000:

  1. Navigate to:  \\k1000\client
    : If there is more than one organization, there will be multiple client folders.  They will be named client_2 and up according to the number of organizations present.  The agent version can be different in each organization.  See below if connecting from a Mac.

  2. Once there, click into agent_provisioning, then into the platform needed to get the installer. So, for example, the path to the Windows installer would be:

  3. From there, right-click on the installer and copy the file.

NOTE: For Macs, the share will have to mounted and the Samba share password will be needed.  The way to mount it would be:

  1. In Finder, click Go.  Select "Connect to Server".
  2. Type in the following (substituting the K1000 name for KBOX): smb://KBOX/client


Downloading the agent from the KACE support site:

At the time of this writing, the direct link is:, if that doesn't work, use the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Support>Production Appliance Support

  3. Click Downloads on the right hand side of the page.

  4. Enter support credentials in order to access the downloads section.
    NOTE:  If credentials aren't available, click the appropriate link on that login page to either request credentials or have a password reset.

  5. From here, this will give you the most recent KBIN files for the K1000, agent and K2000 server.  To get a specific agent installer, click on "K1000 Release Archive" which is found below the K1000 server and agent KBIN files.

  6. Individual versions of the K1000 server and agent KBIN files will now be shown.  Click on whichever version is needed.  Support credentials will need to be entered again.