• Summary: Specifications for logo overrides.
  • Symptoms: How to change the KBOX logo.
  • Cause: Default setting.
  • Steps to resolve issue:

You can customize the KBOX with your own logos using the Logo Overrides section of the KBOX Settings/General tab.

There are three logo uploads available:

  • User Portal
  • Reports
  • Client

User Portal 

224x50 is the standard size.

104x50 is shorter and doesn't clip the blue highlight around the 'Log Out' link

300x75 is about as big as you can get without impacting the layout


The report image dimensions are 120x32, this is specified in the auto-generated xml layout. You can adjust the report xml if you needed a different layout size.


The client bmp image gets scaled to 20x20, so thats the only choice for size. The client logo displays on snooze and install progress popups, alerts, and message windows created by scripts. The splash screen logo displayed at boot and login is not currently customizable.