Scripting Ninjas is happy to announce Sysprep Creator

Download Link:
Download Sysprep Creator
Note: KACE Support Credentials are required.

Sysprep Creator is designed to assist with the creation of unattend.xml answer files to be leveraged by Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.


      1. Launch Sysprep Creator
      2. You will be prompted with a UI, choose the OS and Architecture to build an unattend.xml.
      3. Another UI with a total of 8 tabs appears with settings, which will need to be populated.
      4. Choose where to save the unattend.xml and if selected in step 2 the sysprep executor.
      5. Copy the unattend.xml (and sysprep_executor.exe if selected) to the machine in which you wish to sysprep.

      Release Notes:
      Due to Windows permissions, if the unattend.xml file is located at the root of the “System Drive”,
      sysprep_executor.exe will not be able to cleanup/delete it. [02/13/2018]
      -Automatically disable Windows Defender
      -added a few more provisioned apps (BubbleSaga, DisneyMagicKingdoms)
      -fixed issue with upgrade version
      -removed MiracastView from provisioned apps as it could not be removed [01/03/2018]
      -Add additional provisioned apps to be removed prior to sysprep (ESMCS-360)
      -tiledatamodelsvc setting has changed in Windows 10 1709 update (ESMCS-259)
      -beginning with Windows 10, version 1607, sysprep can be used to prepare an image that has been upgraded (ESMCS-358)
      -cancelling dialog on saving unattend quits the application (ESMCS-356) [03/22/2017]

      -sysprep creator no longer uses templates, each XML file is built from scratch
      -added Czech Republic to Location and language choices (ESMCS-229)
      -added countless Time Zones
      -added the ability to set taskbar links based on
      -added the ability to set OEM Information based on
      -added some OOBE options
      -added IE options, based on
      -added the ability to set a predetermined KMS key based on
      -added checking or Candy Crush, Twitter, AdobePhotoshopExpress, EclipseManager, ActiproSoftwareLLC, PandoraMediaInc, MicrosoftPowerBIForWindows, Microsoft.NetworkSpeedTest, Microsoft.Office.Sway, RoyalRevolt2, Minecraft, Facebook, ParadiseBay
       with the ability to remove them with executor prior to sysprepping (ESMCS-246)
      -fixed an issue with Spanish locale not being put in correctly (ESMCS-257)
      -moved installer to to avoid third paty site (ESMCS-261)
      -added check for Executor to check if tiledatamodelsvc running, if so, we set the service to disabled, and require a reboot. Upon running executor again, the service will be set to automatic, but not started
      -added ability to change Control Panel View and Icon Size
      -removed Network setting when building Windows 10 unattend as it is depricated
      -added ability to disable consumer feature from Windows 10 Enterprise
      -updated to check for KACE 7.0 agent
      -rebranded to Quest [02/03/2016]
      ****This update will need to be downloaded manually from
      or click download and when it is completed, select 'No' for installing, this will copy the new installer to the desktop
      -fixed issue with update mechanism
      -fixed an issue in which a Windows 8 unattend was being produced instead of Windows 7 unattend. [01/16/2016]

      Windows 10 support
      Enlarged the UI
      Made UI look more like the K2000
      Added a warning if an unattend.xml file already exists in the location chosen to save
      Added a log file to %systemdrive%\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\Logs
      Sysprep Executor empties the recyle bin and cleans up previous logs/files and archives them in %systemdrive%\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\Logs
      Sysprep Executor Checklist - A checklist designed to make sure that System Imaging Best Practices are being followed according to
                      -The device should not be joined to a domain
                      -WMP Service should be disabled (query of WMPNetworkSvc Service)
                      -The Dell | KACE agent should not be installed
                      -No drive emulation application should exit on the device (Virtual Clonedrive, DAEMON Tools, Magic ISO)
                      -No antivirus can be detected
                              Checked via WMI
                      -VMWare Tools should not be installed
                      -Bitlocker can not be enabled
                              Checked via WMI, if protection status is set to 0 on they %systemdrive%
                      -No reboots can be pending
                              HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\PendingFileRenameOperations
                      -Rearm count has to be higher than 1
                              -See and for more information
                      -Valid source media must be detected (Not OEM or Retail)
                      -Machine should not be upgraded from a previous version of Windows
      If the machine has been upgraded, sysprep executor can only quit, it will not sysprep
      If the device has bitlocker is enabled, or antivirus is installed, the user must quit Executor and fix these issues manually
      If none of the above are an issue, but WMP Service is running, VMWare Tools is installed, or drive emulation software is installed, a fix it button will be active.
      If the Fix it button is used, the uninstaller will launch, but will require some interaction from the user to complete the uninstall. [03/06/2015]
      -Changed installer so that it only installs where the script is run.
      -Changed sysprep_executor shutdown/reboot options to radio buttons
      -Changed sysprep_executor so the the unattend file is moved to \windows\system32\sysprep directory.
      -Changed sysprep_executor to have the sysprep commandline run the shutdown or reboot command.
      -Changed sysprep_executor so that the GUI goes away when sysprep run.
      -fixed issue where sysprep_executor was not deleting itself.
      -fixed issue where autologon would not set correctly if anything other than 0-9 was selected.
      -added the option to delete sysprep_creator after completion so that it didn't have to remain on image.
      -New Installer with Check for Updates Feature
      -New Sysprep Executor Option
      -Windows 8 Support
      -Field Checking
      -Persistent Plug and Play Device Option
      -Windows Activation Option
      -Activation Rearm Option
      -Sysprep Unattend Cleanup Option
      Bug Fixes:
      Fixed Join Domain double quote issue
      Fixed International Time Zone issue

      Please report bugs/feature request to and