Recently we have faced problem that Kbox has stopped accepting the attachments, all other thing were working fine only every type of attachments are getting discarded.

While investigating the problem all I found in the logs were a bunch of ‘function.mkdir</a>]: Too many links” error messages and didn’t know exactly what it could mean. I could see we hadn’t run out of disk space but I knew “links” had to do with the file system.

So, I guess, each Ticket has database log entry and there is a corresponding directory to hold the attachments. This was going fine till we hit OS subdirectory limit 31,998 Tickets approx. (actual tickets number are greater than this as they have deleted couple of tickets.

As I understand, that file-system 31,998 subdirectories is the limit. Each subdirectory is considered a “link” by the system and this is where we get “too many links” message.

So, I have delete couple of tickets and have noticed that Kbox has started accepting the attachments.