Updated 1/9/18 - Updated Screen shots for new releases

Windows 10 Imaging Guide

Another useful guide for imaging with KACE SDA - SDA Imaging Best Practices

I have developed a guide that walks through Windows 10 Imaging with the K2000 3.7 SP2 release.  This guide covers the following topics:

  • General Concepts of Windows 10 Imaging
  • Creating Windows 10 based KACE Boot Environments (KBEs)
  • Downloading and installing Windows 10 PE Driver Packs
  • Creating the Boot Environment
  • Managing Windows 10 Drivers
  • Understanding the Driver Feed
  • Using the Driver Feed Builder Tool
  • Creating Scripted Installations of Windows 10
  • Uploading the Windows 10 media
  • Creating the Scripted Install
  • Creating System Images
  • Creating the unattend.xml file
  • Running Sysprep
  • Capturing the Image
  • Deploying the Image

Post suggestions/comments and let us know how your Windows 10 imaging is coming along.